Logo Development & Branding System

Logo, Brand, Colour, Font, Custom, Development, Design, Graphic Design

It is more than a logo.

A Branding System establishes a feeling and communicates a message. While creating your Logomark, we will simultaneously establish Brand Colours, Brand Typefaces, Secondary Logomark, Tagline(s), Titles, Custom Graphics and Illustrations, Custom Photography and rules for consistency across future design platforms. To get you started, you will receive all of your logos and graphics in print-ready and web-ready files, as well as a print-ready business card design. If you are ready to promote your business, your product, your service, or yourself, then you are ready for a Branding System. We start with a free consultation to discuss the history of your company/organization, your core message, your target audience & your thoughts/ideas/inspiration. A solid brand establishes consistency across all platforms with unity, colour, font and graphics. A brand creates awareness for your product or service, and is implemented throughout your entire business, from the business card, to your printed business and promotional materials, online presence, office or store.

Marketing, Advertising & Digital Marketing

Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, Signage, Stationery

 Go beyond the business card. 

Marketing materials embody the brand and communicate a message. The message can be a specific advertising campaign that focuses on a new product or an upcoming sale or event. It can be general information like services, pricing, location & store hours. Printed marketing materials can include Trade Show Materials, Banners & Signage, Postcards & Mailers, Brochures & Catalogs, Publication-specific Advertising like a newspaper or magazine, Portfolios & Resumes, Album or Book Cover Art, Coupons & Gift Certificates, Promotional Swag and anything else you can dream up. Digital Marketing Materials can include social networking graphics, banners & posts, website graphics and images, online and social networking ads, digital flyers and more!

Need an Advertising Campaign? There are many forms of advertising, and many different reasons a company, an artist or event organizer may wish to utilize multiple forms during a single campaign. We examine your core message, target audience and competition, establishing a solid theme and plan for your advertising. The theme can then be adapted to fit absolutely ANY kind of advertising method and becomes your Advertising Campaign.

Publication Design & Packaging Design

Publication Design, Packaging Design, Catalogue, Book, Manual

Books, Annual Reports, Instruction Manuals & Packaging can feel like a daunting task. 

There is a lot of content in a project like this; long copywriting, photos, charts and graphics. Then you have to get it printed! Your Graphic Designer can help by transforming all of your loose content into clean, professional, and easy-to-navigate typesetting and layout design. The final product will be designed to be print-ready to the specifications and/or templates provided by your printer.

Annual Reports | Album Covers | Catalogues | Instruction Manuals | Any Size Soft or Hardcover Books | Layout and Typeset Comic Books/Graphic Novels | Booklets & More!

Invitation Stationery & Event Branding

Wedding, Event, Design, Stationery, Invitation

 Cohesively branded from invitation to dessert! 

Start with an Event Name Logo or Bride/Groom Logo, and supporting graphics and colours to go with the Event Theme. Then we design custom invitation stationery, ceremony stationery, event and table signage, like menus, table markers, seating chart, programs, gift tags and more!

Ask about the wedding & event flat-rate packages. Each package includes a logo (event name or bride-groom name typographically designed), custom graphics and colour palette that supports the established theme of your wedding or event. Choose your pieces of printed materials to build a custom package, from materials like tickets & posters, invitations & RSVPs, order of service/programs, menus, seating charts, place cards, event signage & more!

Photography, Videography & Mock-Ups

Photo Effects, Photoshop, Photography, Mock Ups, Photo Editing

 The magic of digital photography and photo editing & effects! 

Business Photography includes portraits & profile pictures, office, workplace and warehouse shots, product shots and short video clips of your business in action, your storefront and displays, your procedures or processes, or really anything you can imagine!

Photo Editing begins with your existing digital photo or scan of a printed photo and includes adjustments to Lighting Levels, Colour, Balance, Composition and even visual effects.

Construction & Interior/Exterior Design Digital mock-ups are very useful for the client that cannot visualize the completed project. Snap a photo of the space, the building, or interior space, and I will photoshop the rest. Sample approximate paint colours, use images of real building elements and décor that will be used in the real build or renovation.

Photo Restoration includes removing cracks and peeling from old photographs, Levels & Balance corrections, Colour Corrections, Colouring black & white or sepia photos.

Amateur Digital Photography | Professional Photoshop, Photo Editing & Effects | Simple Video Editing | Interior/Exterior Design Mock-Ups | Digital Photo Restoration from hardcopy/digital scan of a printed photo.

Illustration & Digital Painting

Illustration, Digital Painting, Infographic, Character, Custom, Commission, Digital Marketing

 Never too Small or Simple. Never too Massive or Complex.

Need a custom piece of digital artwork, like an avatar, a character design to be used in business or artistic venture? Or a high resolution vector illustration? Taking on a larger project like a board game, a card game or an app? With your inspiration and ideas and my skills to take them digital and/or print-ready, we can create all of the info-graphics, avatars, complex graphics, character concepts, backgrounds, and details you may require for your project.