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Graphic Design Tools, Illustration, Branding, Logo, Marketing, Digital Marketing

Your graphic designer is the Bridge between the final product you envision and all of your ideas, inspirations and desires.

My name is Julie Hunter. Together, we can take your amazing ideas and transform them into tangible final materials that will speak to your target audience, empowering them to identify your brand and make a connection. These materials will empower you to manage, promote and live your brand. Whether you are just starting out and need a ground-up design or are already established and need to revitalize your branding; your graphic designer is the key to taking you from where you are now to where you see yourself! Whatever your next project may be, we can work together step-by-step to create a professional, creative and polished final product in the print world, in the digital world, or across all platforms.

Cohesive Brand, Marketing, Print, Web, Logo, Branding

Why work with a Graphic Designer?

 When you work with a graphic designer, your final brand identity will reflect your core message, ideals, convictions and standards and the final brand identity is paralleled across multiple platforms. Rules for colour, font, size, spacing, consistency and visual hierarchy are established by your designer at the early stages of development and reinforced throughout the brand and its promotion and marketing. Consistency enhances communication. Consistency empowers your audience to identify your branding, recognize you and develop an attachment to you or your product, service or business.


Beyond Branding

 What is your project? Working with a Graphic Designer is beneficial at any stage, with any venture!

Your Business:  whether you are at the early stages and just starting out, or you are already established, I can help get your business off the ground or into the next phase of professionalism and communication. 

Your Product or Service:  are you branding a specific product or service, perhaps one that exists within your business? We can work within an existing brand to create a sub-brand for the specific products and services you offer.

Your Event:  small or large, some events need invitation and event stationery. Promote your event with custom stationery, tickets and/or RSVP cards. Carry this theme to the event itself with menus, seating charts, table signage, and more!

Yourself:  artists, musicians, realtors, politicians, and other professionals like these use their own image as their brand. Support your image brand with your name typographically designed, custom graphics, and consistent colours, font and style. Matching Digital Marketing Materials like banners and profile pics, custom infographics and vector graphics can enhance your online presence on YouTube, Instagram and other social networking platforms.